The main discussion forums for Csound are the user list and the developer list. To join these lists, go to these sites:

List archives starting from 6-10-2015 can also be found in the links above. Alternatively, older archives are also found on nabble:

Although questions about the main frontends are frequently discussed on the Csound-users list, there are separate lists for them, too:

Chat is available at IRC on freenode, using channel #csound. This is available through web chat (no registration required) at:

Users may also post questions on Stackoverflow, using the "csound" tag. You can view questions here:

The Csound Journal collects a huge number of articles on interesting subjects regarding Csound:

International Csound Conferences

2011, September 30 - October 2, Hannover, Germany

2013, October 25 - 27, Boston, USA

2015, October 2 - 4, St. Petersburg, Russia